We have our own 'club shop' offering TASC branded swimsuits, clothing and accessories along with essentials such as goggles and hats. All of our branded goods are supplied by Instant Images of Torrington. A copy of the shop catalogue is kept at both pools along with order forms. Email your orders to swimshop@torridgesideswimming.co.uk or pass them onto the person taking the session register marked for Amanda's attention.

A copy of the order form is also available to view and download below:


Exeter Sprints Level 3, 22nd Sept @Plymouth (deadline 19th July)

Tiverton Sparkler Level 3, 6th Oct @Tiverton (deadline 15th July)

Lindsay Powell Memorial Level 2, 19th & 20th Oct @Plymouth (TASC deadline 11th Sept)

TASC Club Champs 9th & 23rd November (deadline 11th Oct)

Entry packs and more details are available in 'Links & Downloads'

Affiliated to the Western Counties & Devon ASA