Club Championships 2017

Club Championships 2017



Western Power Development Cup

Girls - Carris Gammon

Boys - Evan Jenkins


Sharon Greaves Memorial Trophy - Most PBs- Hope Unstead


Best Beginners Award

Girls - Lola Belle Meech

Boys - Henry Gayton


Junior Progress Award

Girls – Jemima Mitchell

Boys – Harry Fansonl


Senior Progress Award

Girls – Hope Unstead

Boys - Sam Popham


T.V.M.D. & Crusaders Trophy - Best Year Achievement Girls -Emily Tyrrell


Don Parkin Trophy - Best Year Achievement Boys - Adam Lawton


Club Members Cup

Girls - Paige Unstead

Boys - Chris Cohen


Bob Miles Cup - Most PBs - Adam Lawton

Jamie Andrew Trophy - Most Determined Swimmer - Anna Drawer


Phil Searle Trophy For Perseverance - Lauren Parker


Junior Achievement - Harvey Reeves


Swimmer of The Year - Adam Lawton


The Martin Cup - Alice Mitchel & Amanda Reeves


Devon Highways North Trophy Boy 10 Years 50mtr Freestyle - Evan Jenkins


The Vivian Rowe Trophy Years 11/12 Ind Medley

Girls - Poppy Rooke

Boys - Harvey Mitchell


Stephen Cup Girls under 12 Years 50mtr Freestyle - Poppy Rooke


Ken Bennett Cup Boys under 12 Years 50 mtr Freestyle - Billy Mitchell


Norburn, Hellyer & Mackenzie Trophy 13/14yrs Ind Medley

Girls - Libby Brown

Boys - Adam Lawton


The Milton Keynes Trophy Girls 16yrs and under 100mtr Freestyle - Emily Tyrrell


Cording Challenge Trophy Boys 16yrs and under 100mtrs Freestyle - Eddie Mitchell


Launderama Trophy Girls overall 100mtr Freestyle - Emily Tyrrell


Malibu Trophy Mens 17yrs and over 100mtr Freestyle - Ed Wild


C & G Cup Ladies overall 100mtr Breaststroke - Emily Tyrell


Shute Rose Bowl Mens overall 100mtr Breaststroke - Adam Lawton


John Cox Trophy Girls 15/16 Ind Medley

Girls - Emily Tyrrell

Boys - Jacob West






Exeter Sprints Level 3 Meet, 23rd Sept @Plymouth - deadline 16th July (Possibly no TASC coaches attending)


Tiverton Sparkler Level 3 Meet, 30th Sept @Tiverton - deadline 16th July


Exeter City Level 2 - Lyndsay Powell Memorial Meet, 20th & 21st Oct @Plymouth - deadline 3rd Sept


Entry packs and more details are available in 'Links & Downloads'

Affiliated to the Western Counties & Devon ASA