Please see below for the 2017/2018 Committee:

Independent Examiner

Ian Mansford


Alice Nowell

Vice Chairman

Andy Unstead

Head Coach

Andy Unstead


Amanda Reeves

Club Secretary

Lisa Unstead

Membership/Register Secretary

Maxine Webber

Gala Cooordinator

Suzanne Tyrrell

Competitions Secretary

Geoff Forwood

ASA Membership

Geoff Forwood

Website/Press Secretary

Erica Forwood

Grants Secretary

Helena Drawer

Club Liaison

Alice & Amanda

ASA Welfare Officer

Simon Cohen


Amanda Reeves

Exeter Sprints Level 3, 22nd Sept @Plymouth (deadline 19th July)

Tiverton Sparkler Level 3, 6th Oct @Tiverton (deadline 15th July)

Lindsay Powell Memorial Level 2, 19th & 20th Oct @Plymouth (TASC deadline 11th Sept)

TASC Club Champs 9th & 23rd November (deadline 11th Oct)

Entry packs and more details are available in 'Links & Downloads'

Affiliated to the Western Counties & Devon ASA